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ervo Voltage Controller

This product is designed with innovative software algorithms residing on latest technology PIC microcontroller chips. The design is conceived so as to reduce production overheads like wiring and testing when it is put on the servo voltage stabilizer. Integrated voltage stabilizer controller greatly reduces labour costs and increases production rate of the voltage stabilizers.

microServo Voltage Controller        


  • Advanced PIC Microcontroller based, indigenous design.
  • Panel mounted Servo Voltage Controller.
  • Inbuilt driver for AC synchronous servo motor.
  • Bright 3 digit, 7 Segment display.
  • Measures & displays 4 parameters including:
    Output Voltage, Input Voltage, Output Current, Frequency
  • Auto trip for Under voltage, Over voltage and Over load with time delay.
  • Audio/Visual alarm.
  • Manual mode for field testing.
  • Fully programmable (on-site/off-site) with 2-level password protection.
  • User programmable parameters:
    Under Voltage, Over Voltage, Over Load, Time delay, Output voltage, Sensitivity, CT Ratio
Advantages Over Conventional PCB Controllers:
  • Single centralized controller box and hence control and delay PCBs not required.
  • Control transformers also included within the controller box.
  • Software based controller takes care of various fault tripping and thereby avoids external relay logic for various tripping conditions.
  • 3 digit segment displays simultaneously input, output voltages, input current and frequency. This completely avoids meters and selector switches. More importantly the interconnections of these components are also avoided saving labor costs and increasing reliability.
  • Electronic overload tripping feature included in the controller avoids extra hardware otherwise required.
  • Single contactor required for under voltage, over voltage and over load trips substantially reduced and simplified control wiring reduces the labor cost significantly.
  • TRIACS used for motor switching are optically isolated from control circuit to protect control PCB and wiring.

Technical Features:

Supply 230 VAC Buzzer 12 VDC
Display 1 Line, 3 Digit, 19mm, 7 segment Weight 550 gms (approx)
Resolution 1 count [Volts, Amps, Hertz] Dimensions 96 x 96 x 110 mm
CT 5 Amps. Panel Cut out 92 x 92 mm
Relay Contact 5 Amps 240 VAC Mounting Panel Mounting

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Quality Assurance

Being a quality conscious organization, we continuously strives to achieve excellence in its wide spectrum of products. The company makes sure that before delivery, the products undergo a strict testing process for quality and functionality. The products are tested for parameters like durability, reliability, accuracy and quality of raw materials.

We are well equipped with modern equipment for testing like digital voltmeter, digital ammeter, LCR meter, high voltage flash tester for checking accuracy, and quality of the products. These tests ensure a trouble free, long and dependable operation.