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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why go for original A.C. Synchronous Servo Motors?
A: No duplicate can take the place of an original. Thus, it is always a wise decision to buy everything original. Even in the case of A.C. Synchronous Servo Motors, original ones have always proved their worth. The Original may cost more than a duplicate, but the quality of the duplicate will never match the quality of an original one. It is also an illegal act on the part of the consumer who buys the cheap pirated product from the gray market.

Q: How to detect  duplicate ones?
A: Duplicate products can never match the quality of an original one. 

There are several ways to identify the original.

  1. Our AC Synchronous Servo Motors are packaged in a corrugated box.
  2. Our packaging has a black & white image of both logo and our products. 

Below is the sample for our packaging

APPLE_Original Box                    say noto piracy

Quality Assurance

Being a quality conscious organization, we continuously strives to achieve excellence in its wide spectrum of products. The company makes sure that before delivery, the products undergo a strict testing process for quality and functionality. The products are tested for parameters like durability, reliability, accuracy and quality of raw materials.

We are well equipped with modern equipment for testing like digital voltmeter, digital ammeter, LCR meter, high voltage flash tester for checking accuracy, and quality of the products. These tests ensure a trouble free, long and dependable operation.